Apr 22, 2016    |    News

The Wall Street Journal: Republican National Committee Backs Overhaul of Criminal Justice System

The Republican National Committee unanimously passed a resolution in favor of overhauling the nation’s criminal justice system and reducing the size of the U.S. prison population, in a sign of conservative enthusiasm for the issue.…

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Apr 22, 2016    |    News

Washington Examiner: Alaska senator backs criminal justice reform package

Sen. Dan Sullivan has agreed to back a revised criminal justice reform package, an aide to the Alaska senator told the Washington Examiner. That’s a victory for the Republican trio who negotiated an agreement with…

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Apr 21, 2016    |    News

The New York Times: Why Mass Incarceration Doesn’t Pay

The growth in the nation’s prison population has been nothing short of staggering. The United States’ incarceration rate is now more than four times the world average, with about 2.2 million people in prisons and…

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Feb 17, 2016    |    News

Fusion: Swing state voters support criminal justice reform, according to this new poll

Voters in half a dozen swing states support efforts to reform the criminal justice system with large majorities, according to a poll released today by the U.S. Justice Action Network, an advocacy group. Most of…

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