Aug 22, 2016    |    News

Reduce Incarceration, Increase Law and Order

Originally appeared in: National Review
By: Ronal Serpas

Republican nominee Donald Trump says America will “be a country of law and order” if he becomes president. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton says she wants to reform the “criminal-justice system from end to end.” But how will they get there?

Earlier this month, police chiefs across the country sent the candidates a questionnaire asking for specific, concrete steps to reach these goals. And major law-enforcement groups representing 30,000 officials sent a letter to the candidates with some answers they know work, from years of firsthand experience.

So what’s the best way to protect public safety and restore order in our criminal-justice system? Give officers the tools they need to go after the most violent and dangerous offenders. This is true regardless of who the next president is and what party he or she comes from.

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