Sep 12, 2016    |    News

Grassley Remarks on Criminal Justice Reform before the Aleph Institute

Prepared Remarks by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee To the Aleph Institute S. 2123, The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act Thank you, Rabbi Liskar and the Aleph Institute for…

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Sep 9, 2016    |    News

House Freedom Caucus should support justice reform this fall

by Nathan Leamer

Recently, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) gave a much-needed boost to efforts in the House of Representatives to pass criminal justice reform, telling NPR that he expected to have a package ready for votes in September.…

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Aug 31, 2016    |    News

Hernandez: Goodlatte can lead on criminal justice reform

by J.C. Hernandez

As a millennial, I shudder to think of how many of my peers are spending their best years trapped in prison, with little hope of ever getting out or atoning for youthful mistakes. While there…

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Aug 22, 2016    |    News

Reduce Incarceration, Increase Law and Order

by Ronal Serpas

Republican nominee Donald Trump says America will “be a country of law and order” if he becomes president. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton says she wants to reform the “criminal-justice system from end to end.” But…

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Aug 22, 2016    |    News

South Carolina needs sentencing reform

by Leon Lott

As Congress enters election season, many believe that the only thing that matters is the campaign. But in a little-publicized announcement in late July, House Speaker Paul Ryan said that there will be a vote…

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Aug 17, 2016    |    Blog Post

ICYMI: Conservatives Continue to Lead on Criminal Justice Reform

Even while Congress is in recess, conservative leaders continue to speak out in support of common-sense criminal justice reform efforts that will save taxpayers money while making communities safer. Click Here to watch Koch Industries…

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Aug 16, 2016    |    News

Don’t buy the hype: The U.S. is not experiencing a terrible new crime wave

by Mark Holden and Ronal Serpas

Mark Holden is general counsel and senior vice president at Koch Industries. Ronal Serpas is a former superintendent of the New Orleans and Nashville police departments and the chairman of Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce…

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Aug 16, 2016    |    News

Ryan’s victory trumps justice reform opponents

by Holly Harris and Andrew Howard

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s, primary opponent, Paul Nehlen frequently attacks Ryan’s support for criminal justice reform. Nehlen accused Ryan of pushing Obama’s agenda on jailbreak criminal justice reform policies. Not only was Nehlen’s narrative wrong,…

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Aug 11, 2016    |    News

Guest opinion: U.S. must reform criminal justice system

by Valerie Jarrett and Neil Eggleston

Americans make up fewer than one in 20 of the people on Earth, yet our prisons and jails hold about one in five of the world’s prisoners. That adds up to 2.2 million people behind…

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Aug 8, 2016    |    News

Even violent crime victims say our prisons are making crime worse

by Christopher Ingraham

A first-of-its-kind national survey finds that victims of crime say they want to see shorter prison sentences, less spending on prisons and a greater focus on the rehabilitation of criminals. The survey, conducted in April and…

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